Virtual Tour & Photography Pricing

It’s all about the Photos!

Capella Tours isn’t your average virtual tour company. We are commercial photographers that shoot for resorts, architects, interior designers, restaurants, and now real estate. Within seconds of viewing a listing, imagery either attracts or drives away potential buyers. Capella captures images which frame a visual experience and spark immediate attraction to your space. We have years of experience shooting professionally and now have made it extremely affordable for realtors.

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Capella offers a “standard” low cost photography option for homes not needing that magazine quality edge. This is perfect for homes under a certain price point. For homes over 500k we do recommend going with a Commercial Luxury Shoot.

Standard Photography (Virtual Tour Included)

Exteriors Only – $89
Standard Photography – 16 Photos $130
Standard Photography – 24 Photos $150
Standard Photography – 32 Photos $175

UltraView Photography (Virtual Tour Included)

Small Condo UltraView – 10 Photos $150
UltraView Photography – 16 Photos $199
UltraView Photography – 24 Photos – $220
UltraView Photography – 32 Photos – $300
UltraView Photography + Dusk Exterior – $500

UltraView is the ultimate in real estate photography. Perfect for any home that needs to look like its out of a magazine.

Full HD Moving Video

Standard Video + 24 UltraView Photos – $499
Deluxe Video + 32 UltraView Photos – $899

Return to Property Shoot

(Because of weather or extra shots) $75

Go Back Out – $75 (up to 3 shots)

The Real Estate Tour

Presentation is everything in marketing and Capella is dedicated to using only the best virtual tour platform on the planet. Clean, Simple, and easy to navigate, our tours blend beautiful photography galleries with sound that bring your listings to life.

Here’s a snap shot of what’s included.

  • Include both Video & Photos with your tours
  • Full Screen Motion Picture Player
  • Branded version, MLS version, and Mobile friendly versions included
  • Uploads
  • Full Control. Edit your tour anytime, 24/7.
  • Include voice narration
  • Include your own music or select a song from our library
  • Include external links to whatever you like – schools, city, parks, demographics
  • Activity Map shows all of your current listings, as well as listings you’ve already sold.
  • Stats. See how many visits your tours are getting and where they’re coming from.
  • Integrate your Virtual Tour Gallery with your facebook and twitter accounts.
  • Individual Accounts Only $50/yr (first year free, no contracts)

Creating Emotion helps sell homes!

Quickly fading are the days of spinning virtual tours. The hot new way of showing off your listings is full moving HD video that creates an emotional connection. Capella now offers professional video in cinematic quality. These are not your shaky cam cheap walkthroughs, but smooth and well thought out video tours that feel and move just like a movie on the big screen.